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A QuickBooks add-on that offers employee time-tracking capabilities for small-to-medium-sized service businesses


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TSheets is a time tracking and management app used in Human Resource management. It details employee working times and consistency then logs this information into analytical data to enable employers to pay salaries as well as other management related functions.


Clock in and clock out

TSheets provide employees with the option of clocking in when reporting to work and clock out when they leave.

Accounting software integration

Tsheets integrates with accounting software to calculate pay due to employees from a prescribed rate.


TSheets logs different tasks created by the user into separate cards which enables a user to track their use of the software.

GPS tracking

TSheets comes equipped with GPS tracking capabilities which makes tracking the location of logged in users such as employees very easy.

Facial recognition

The Time Clock Kiosk features face recognition capabilities which ensures transparency and limits fraud when clocking in and clocking out.

Customer support

Features a dedicated team of customer service assistants to assist on challenges and queries raised about the platform by its users.

Cloud based storage

Data on TSheets is stored on the web and as such, it can be accessed across multiple devices at the same time.


On the dashboard, users are able to track and manage time as well as schedule tasks to be accomplished. The dashboard also enables users to see who is clocked in as well as generate reports on employee working hours.

Project management

Timing how long a project will take as well as tracking how different aspects of the project are consuming time is possible on the project management feature. Historical records of different timings for different projects can also be analyzed here, making estimation of new projects’ timings easier.

Payroll management

An organization can be able to view its entire payroll as well as view individual employee payroll information using this feature. Pay rates, both normal and overtime, can be set independently and TSheets calculates the pay for employees based on these figures.

Employee management

Employee profiles, their working hours and habits are recorded on TSheets providing a reliable avenue for employee data management.


Planning of when tasks are to be accomplished, who is to accomplish the task, and which group or shift the person accomplishing the task will come from is possible on TSheets thanks to the scheduling feature. Any changes to the scheduled tasks alerts all the relevant parties through notifications.


Added as a convenience and security feature, geofencing allows employees to only be able to clock in when they are in the vicinity of their jobs.


  • Geofencing allows fraud proof management of remote or mobile employees.
  • Great on demand customer service.
  • Mobile friendly due to availability of mobile application.
  • Data security is ensured due to its advanced data security features.
  • Facial recognition capability limits use to only the intended user.
  • Overtime alerts prevent undue wage bill expansion.


  • Cards create a cluttered Interface.
  • Consistent glitches and bugs that cause operational lags and failures.

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Time Tracking
  2. Ease of Completing Timesheets
  3. Performance and Reliability

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Offline
  2. Project Accounting / Revenue Recognition
  3. Electronic Payments
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